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"Planets and nakshatras only indicate the auspicious and inauspicious for persons they do not cause and karma." Planets and stars are not the only deciding factors of one's auspicious or inauspicious rather it is all based on one's own karmas of this or previous birth".

Desriny is a question of faith and it cannot be proved with logic. It is in the interest of people to accept this. You will never know whether your marriage was destined or of your choice. So before you get married try to find a good match as if it is your free will  and after marriage accept it as your destiny.

it is Impossible to difine a happy marriage. The social and cultural environment plays a decisive role in making a marriage workable or disastrous. In this given desha, Kaala and Paatra situation astrological principles get modified and thereby make it almost impossible to identify a rigid set of parameters to judge marriage compatibility issues with the help of astrology. Anyone who wants to be an astrological counsellor in this field has to be very clear that there are no rigid cause effect relationships in astrology. No single factor can help in predicting success or failure in a particular area. there is nothing like. " Mars in 7th house leads to loss of spouse or Sun is a separative planet'. Such statements have ao meaning without considering other factors. we have to study all the varibles in totally and then decied what exactly a particular combination will mean in the given socio cultural environment and that also will be indicative and not decisive because manifestation of results will be different in Satwika, Rajasika and Tamasika persons.

This book helps us to study and analyze the following areas to be looked for marriage:

1. Condition of 7th house

2. Condition of 7th lord

3. Condition of significater Venus

4. Condition of 7th house from Venus

5. Kendras of navamsha for predominant benefic or malefic influence

6. Condition of 7th lord of birth chart in navamsha

7. Condition of Venus in navamsha

8. 7th house and 7th lord of navamsha chart

9. 7th house and 7th lord of Rashitulya navamsha 

10. Dashas after marriage

The book has 312 pages and 33th Chapters in all



K.K. Joshi


Vani Publications

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