Longevity (An Astrological Analysis)

Longevity (An Astrological Analysis)


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 The correct determination of longevity is highly complex and has belied most of the astrologers. Yet, it is very important and is the most sought after. Even sage Parashar has admitted "Knowing longevity is difficult even for gods". Almost all astrologers have expressed their views on the subject. Different methods of calculation- empirical or mathematical- have been mentioned in various texts. The book has tested many such tools of astrology for determination of longvity and has tried to find their effectiveness on over two hundred fifty nativities.


The book has been presented like a research study covering both natural and unnatural deaths and the concept of "Interlinked destinies" are more potent 'Maraks' or that certain specific house lords or ' Dasha' of lords of 3rd, 5th and 7th stars from birth star are more likely killers. In the process it brings out the theory of destructive and constructive planets and that any planet if ill placed and badly afflicted may prove fatal, when empowered to do so by the influence of Jupiter and Saturn in transit.

The book has 369 Pages & 5 Chapters in all.



Lt. Col. Raj Kumar

Guide ( Krishna Kumar)


Alpha Publication

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